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*The term ‘securely’ relates to all Zagga loans being secured by property. Note that all investments carry some degree of risk, and generally higher rates of return are associated with greater risks.

Welcome to Zagga

Zagga is a peer to peer investment platform, connecting everyday investors, with quality, creditworthy borrowers.

For registered investors, Zagga offers attractive returns, backed by security over property. Investors choose the loans and amounts they want to fund, with full due diligence available on every investment.

For creditworthy borrowers, with real property to use as security, Zagga means fast, simple and flexible borrowing for multiple loan purposes.

Secured Investments


Investors can start funding loans from $1,000, up to the full loan amount, between $25,000 and $2 million.

Interest rates are transaction-specific and risk based.


We match investors and borrowers seamlessly, listing only those opportunities which fit our strict quality criteria.


All our investments are secured by a registered first mortgage over real property.

The new and improved way to invest and borrow

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Interested in learning more about Zagga? Join our mailing list
Interested in learning more about Zagga? Join our mailing list