We can lend for a wide range of purposes

We have a number of loans designed to help kiwis buy homes, invest in property, build businesses and improve their livelihoods. We offer competitive interest rates, more flexible criteria and a convenient online service. Here are just some of the loan purposes that we can accept. Please bear in mind that all loans are subject to terms and conditions of which you need to make yourself aware and understand in full.


Our personal loan will provide borrowers with options for a wide range range of purposes, to be assessed on an individual basis by Zagga's credit team. Our rates are competitive and our lending criteria is flexible. The application process is straightforward and you won't be bogged down in red tape. Plus you will receive a quick answer without having to leave the comfort of home.


Buying a new house or refinancing an existing home is fast and easy for borrowers with our residential property loan. The process is straightforward and you will benefit from competitive interest rates, improved access to credit and fast loan approvals.


Our bridging loan allows borrowers to cover the time between buying a new house and selling the old one. No struggling with double mortgage payments and you can choose to capitalise the interest or make interest only payments. When capitalising interest, you defer the interest payments until the end of the loan term. So when you pay the loan off, the interest is paid off too.


For those embarking on the construction of a single residential dwelling, a multiple unit residential property, or a commercial premises, Zagga can provide short term finance up to two years, to assist with the construction to get it to completion, or re-finance with a mainstream lender. We understand the projects are complex, so we can provide funding fast and we’ll be flexible to every situation.

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Interested in learning more about Zagga? Join our mailing list